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The Pack

 I recently wrote a passage for a college writing course that I felt fitting to share with you all. The assignment was characterization through objects, focusing on the objects that different people carry in a fictitious story and how those

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At The Mercy Of The Wild: Feeling Whole And Centered

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The time has been approaching for quite some time and is now officially here. The air is cooling and the sun is setting sooner and sooner each night. Instincts within us are leading us out into nature once again to

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Being my own Man

I am a man of passion. I become so passionately involved in something that interests me that its hard to say what I should call it: passion or obsession!? I love facts. I love hobbies. I love learning and doing

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The fly: my medium

Seeing that pure and wild cutthroat trout roll its olive back out of the water and sip in a #18 humpy yellow triggers my adrenaline and memory to set the hook into its soft mouth. This setting and scene is

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