Stories and photography regarding fly fishing, hunting, water sports and other outdoor adventures.

  • Fly Fishing The Clark Fork River, Blackfoot River, Bitterroot River, and Rock Creek are among many of the local waters that I prefer to cast a fly into. There are beautiful, native cutthroat and bull trout and brown and rainbow trout as well. I love the art and peacefulness that comes from fly fishing and will post many updates about fly fishing for trout.
  • Gear & ReviewsI do product testing and reviews for certain outdoor exploring brands. I love to try new gear in the field and also deal with selling them on a daily basis at my job. Any gear that I get into my hands I become very passionate about and learn the most I can and test it to the extremes. I’ll be recommending plenty of outdoor brands and certain product on Enter Adventure blog.
  • Music & Audio RecordingYes, this is the new alibi for ‘Scott Mathson Productions’, an audio recording & management company for artisits. I have a recording studio set up and have been recording music for local bands and songwriters for five years now. I find the best recording medium to be Pro Tools HD 9. I’ll be updating with information involving the art of music and recommending musicians and songs I find worth sharing.
  • Outdoors & Exploring This category covers everything from wildlife and wilderness conservation to rocking climbing and mountain biking. This is my go-to category for posting about outdoor adventure pursuits, as well as conservation and general exploring topics.
  • HuntingWhitetail deer, Elk, Mule Deer, Pheasant, Grouse, and more are all animals that I harvest and chase to fill the freezer. I love hunting and will be posting many updates about scouting and hunting in and around the Rocky Mountains.
  • Art – Paintings, doodles, sketches, poems, writing, and any other variations of art has always and continues to intrigue me. I love making and sharing art. I will recommend only the best and will categorize them under this category!

Comments are highly encouraged!

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