Review of Mosquitno Bands and Spotz

Mosquitno bands and stickers come tightly sealed in elaborate and good looking packaging. From the very first instant I held these in hand I knew I was going to be pleased with the product. First impressions are really everything, are they not!?

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The real test came when I cracked the seal on the packaging of the bands and tried them on. Besides a nice fit, the bands do not expel a ridiculous odor that most mosquito and big repellents do. This leads me to think, as I later found to be true, that Mosquitno is using environmentally and human friendly bug repellents! I’ll admit that testing a product like this in the middle of a Montana winter is next to impossible, for the fact that there are no Mosquitos or other annoying bugs of its kind around on 15 degree outings. Although I didn’t get to test the true functionality of the product due to a major lack of bugs, I can assure you that aesthetics and packaging are amazing!

Facts and Features

“• All-natural citronella infused wristband
• Repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-um bugs
• Lasts for 6 days or 150 hours of exposure!
• Resealable package to preserve effectiveness when not in use
• Non-toxic, DEET-free, waterproof” –

mosquitno, band, bands, spot, spotz, mosquito, mosquito repellent,

I cannot wait to wear these all-natural bug repellent bands on my next fly fishing or camping outing. Be sure to check out their website @ and


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