Into the Art of “Into the Mind”

into the mind, sherpas cinema, enter adventure, into the mind film review

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Wow! Into the Mind, a ski and snowboard film by Sherpas Cinema is beyond my highest expectations for such a film. This film focuses so much energy and attention on the small things in nature, the things that often go unnoticed. I was highly impressed at the filming and cinematography efforts behind this masterpiece that truly make it stand out in its niche. The visual and emotional effects behind this film are outstanding! Oh! There just happens to be some bad ass skiing and boarding as well. Here is the official Youtube teaser/trailer for the film.

If you simply cannot stand to wait another minute to watch this film after seeing the trailer, then scroll down to the bottom of this post and I’ve made the buying easy for you.

into the mind, sherpas film, enter adventure, into the mind film review

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I am highly recommending that anyone and everyone that is even slightly interested in watching this to do so immediately! Some things to remember when watching this film: 1. It is very, very, very interesting and worth your time to watch this 2. Make sure you have the hour and twenty three minutes dedicated solely to this, meaning put your devices away and focus on this piece of art 3. It will open your mind to an extreme, adventuring world that these professionals get to live out day in and day out.

I’ve already made the decision easy for you here and have included a link below where you can buy it and watch instantly from your Smart-TV, Xbox, PS3, computer, phone, or whatever you like through Amazon instant video.

into the mind, sherpas cinema, enter adventure, into the mind film review

Click this photo to watch instantly!


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